Water and Drain Line Repair


water line repair

Unusual wet patches in your yard can signify problems with your water and drain lines.

The team at RiteWay Plumbing & Heating has the expertise to quickly resolve any plumbing issue. Some of the more significant problems with a home or business’s plumbing require drain or water line repair. These two sections of pipe provide indispensable functions for a structure. The water line, for example, delivers all your clean water, which enables you to cook, bathe, clean, and hydrate yourself.

The drain line, on the other hand, carries all the waste from every sink, shower, and toilet. Since all your drains empty into this line, problems here can spell major trouble elsewhere. The moment you suspect a problem with either of these lines, give us a call at 303-840-1876. At RiteWay Plumbing & Heating, we stand as the area experts for drain and water line repair in Parker, CO.

Signs You Need Water Line Repair

Low Water Pressure: As a water line loses water to a leak, the overall pressure in the line gets lessened. You will experience this low pressure in your home, where it can serve as a sign of a water line issue. Since other issues could also cause this problem, you’ll want a professional plumber to check it out.

High Water Bill: If you notice a sudden spike in your water bill, a leak stands as the likely culprit. A plumber from RiteWay Plumbing & Heating can determine whether the leak comes from your water line, or elsewhere in your plumbing.

Wet Spots: If you haven’t watered and notice strangely soggy spots in your yard, then you might have an underground leak in your water line. Yard irrigation could also cause this problem, however.

Signs You Need Drain Line Repair

water line repair

Problems with your water and drain lines can sometimes require extensive repairs.

Green Patches: Unusually green or soggy patches in your yard can also indicate trouble with the drain line. In addition to providing moisture, sewage that leaks from the line can act as fertilizer for your grass.

Bad Smells: Sewage that escapes from the drain line can also create powerful odors. If you notice a sewer smell anywhere on your property, you probably have a leaking or ruptured drain line.

Sewage Back-Up: The least pleasant of these indicators, this occurs when your drain line becomes severely clogged. Since it has nowhere to go, sewage from your house will rise up out of your drains.

Don’t Suffer Water Leaks

Leaks in your water and drain line cost you money and time. They can also do extensive damage to your property and, in the case of the drain line, make you sick. If you’ve noticed any of the above symptoms, give RiteWay Plumbing & Heating a call at 303-840-1876. When it comes to the repair of a drain or water line in Parker, CO, we are the area leaders.