Propane Water Heaters

propane water heater

Our expert team can perform full service repairs and installation for your propane water heater.

Aside from its functionality, the type of water heater you choose can affect your energy bill and home resale value. Additionally, a natural gas heater can impact your family’s safety. While many people choose to look only at energy efficiency and tank capacity, many considerations should influence your water heater choice. At RiteWay Plumbing & Heating, we offer services for the highly beneficent propane water heater.

Several factors set propane heaters apart from standard electric or natural gas varieties. As an investment, you shouldn’t discount the importance of your water heater. After all, it’s an appliance you’ll live with for a decade or more. Consider the factors below, and give us a call at 303-840-1876 for all services related to a propane water heater in Parker, CO.

Why You Should Install A Propane Water Heater

propane water heater

Non-toxic propane comes in sturdy tanks.

Price: Propane costs about half as much as electricity when used to power appliances. Over the course of the water heater’s 10 year life, approximate savings go as high as $3,000 or $4,000. Should you ever need repairs on your water heater, the costs there also come in lower. To save even more money on your energy costs, you can choose a propane tankless water heater. The absence of the storage tank means that your water heater doesn’t spend energy in the maintenance of a large amount of hot water.

Small Footprint: For someone concerned about the environment, propane has a smaller carbon footprint than either electricity or natural gas. Carbon represents the gas produced as a by-product of fuel sources, and has a direct, negative impact on the environment. The low carbon content of propane makes it an environmentally-friendly choice.

Fast Recovery: A propane water heater’s fast recovery rate means homeowners will spend less time in the wait for hot water. Propane heats water twice as fast as electricity, which also means that a smaller-sized unit can accomplish more work.

Safe: When compared to natural gas, propane represents the less hazardous choice. The gas itself is non-toxic, so the event of a leak need not endanger your family. Propane has more resistance to fire, as well, as the gas proves difficult to ignite.

Call to Schedule Installation

When it comes to clean-burning fuels, you can’t beat propane. As a solution to your water heating needs, consider a propane water heater in Parker, CO. At RiteWay Plumbing & Heating, we stand as the preeminent source for repairs and installation. To reach us, simply call 303-840-1876.