Gas Water Heaters

gas water heater

A typical gas heater can heat 50 gallons of water an hour.

RiteWay Plumbing & Heating offers full repair and installation service for gas water heaters. Available in both standard and tankless varieties, a natural gas water heater can prove an ideal fit for many homes. A water heater becomes a significant investment, as you will likely use it for a decade or more. Because of this, careful consideration becomes a requirement of a water heater purchase. You must decide the size of unit you will need, and where to have it installed in your home.

You’ll also need to consider energy efficiency. Gas heaters run on the same natural gas used elsewhere in your home. They have no special fuel requirements, and can continue to run even through a power outage. If you worry over your electric bill, a gas heater can stand as an ideal choice. At RiteWay Plumbing & Heating, we stand as the local authority on gas heaters. For any questions about a gas water heater in Parker, CO, give us a call today at 303-840-1876.

Benefits of a Gas Water Heater

Why would you choose a gas water heater? Consider these benefits over other types.

gas water heater

You can trust our expert team for the installation and maintenance of your gas water heater.

Reliability: In the event of a blackout, some gas heaters will continue to work. If you choose a model that ignites with a pilot light, rather than an electrical ignition, you can trust on the continual availability of water. This becomes especially useful for prolonged blackouts or energy outages.

Faster Heating: The speed in which a gas heater heats water provides the most noticeable advantage over other standard models. A gas heater can prepare approximately 50 gallons of water per hour. An electric heater, on the other hand, can only heat half that much in a similar span. For families or households that use a lot of hot water, a gas heater becomes the obvious choice. 

Energy Efficiency: Though it depends on where you live, gas water heaters tend to have cheaper operating costs than electric models. New gas heaters tend to cost more, but will quickly make up the difference in savings.

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Though not the right heater for every situation or household, gas heaters provide enough benefits that they deserve serious consideration. At RiteWay Plumbing & Heating, we stand as the local experts for natural gas water heaters. For repair or installation of a gas heater in Parker, CO, call us today at 303-840-1876.