Mini-Split A/C System Services

mini split ac

A mini split AC will install directly into a room to provide temperature control.

RiteWay Plumbing & Heating offers full services for a mini split ac. These devices, also called ductless cooling and heating systems, have become more popular as a result of increased utility prices. The compact units get installed directly into a room, where they regulate temperature from high on the wall. Though the initial cost causes many people to shy away, mini split air conditioners can actually save you money over the long term.

If you have bought or want to buy a mini split air conditioner, trust RiteWay Plumbing & Heating with its installation and maintenance. We have plenty of experience with these systems, and can ensure effective service to help you get the most from your purchase. If you have any needs or questions around a mini split ac in Parker, CO, give us a call at 303-840-1876.

Benefits of a Mini Split AC

Flexibility: Traditional air conditioner and heater systems push air through ducts into the rest of a building. A mini split air conditioner gets installed in a room to provide air directly. Since they do not use ducts, you can install them practically anywhere. As a replacement for an outdated HVAC and window-mounted ACs,  mini-split air conditioners become an attractive solution.

mini split ac

Our team’s experience with mini split ACs allows us to make timely, comprehensive repairs.

Cost Savings: The flexibility of a mini split AC also allows you to save money. Unlike a traditional HVAC, you do not have waste energy heating or cooling rooms not in use. A lack of reliance on ducts means that no energy gets lost in the transfer from the attic. Instead, rooms get heated or cooled directly.

Improved Air Quality: Ducts require regular cleaning to rid them of dust, dander, bacteria, and dust mites. A ductless mini split AC does not have this requirement, and utilizes multi-stage filtration to provide high-quality air.

Smaller Carbon Footprint: The energy efficiency of mini split air conditioners contributes to a smaller carbon footprint than that created through traditional HVACs. Mini split ACs also follow Energy Star guidelines, and use a special refrigerant that has zero potential to deplete ozone.

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If a mini split air conditioner sounds appealing, then you can trust RiteWay Plumbing & Heating with its maintenance. If your old air conditioner has given up the ghost, you can take comfort in the speed of our installation services. For any needs around a mini split AC in Parker, CO, give us a call at 303-840-1876.